Companies create value in society. We are agents of change with the challenge and great responsibility of developing our activity in a sustainable way to safeguard the living conditions of future generations.

For some time now, Porcisan and our group of companies have assumed this challenge with projects and actions that support our most ambitious business commitment; to achieve a sustainable production system at a social, environmental, and economic level.

Every decision we make is a reflection of our firm commitment to define what will be the future of pig farming. The past, present, and future of pig production depend directly on people. We want to have a positive impact on all the people on whom we depend and for those who depend on us; the many families that are part of our family.

Thanks to the work of the entire Porcisan family, which includes our associate farmers, we combine the distinctive elements of our know-how with principles inspired by respecting ethical values, improving people’s lives, harmonious integration with the local community. and protection of the environment, with the firm conviction that it is only in this way that can we pursue long-term socio-economic development.

Our business commitment shows not only the commitment of Porcisan and the group companies for sustainable development, but also reflects the values that make us proud to be participants in the change towards excellence in the pig sector.