Porcisan for helping children

Alliance for Childhood Vaccination

For Porcisan and its group of companies and brands, including La Abadía Ibónicos, it is satisfying to be able to be part of the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination (Gavi) since 2019 together with the La Caixa Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Together, we help save the lives of millions of children from premature deaths and continue to work for the next generation.


Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, was born in 2000 with a clear mission: to save the lives of children and protect the health of the population, increasing the equitable use of vaccines in the most disadvantaged countries. During this time, a historic challenge has been achieved: the vaccination of 700 million children, thus avoiding 10 million premature deaths.

No Child Without a Milk Moustache

In 2019 we collaborated in the Programa de Gran Recogida de Leche (Great Milk Collection Programme) #Ningún Niño Sin Bigote (No Child Without A Milk Moustache). 

All of us who make up Porcisan and its group of companies Vitalus, Ganados Elías and La Abadía Ibónicos managed to collect 3,500 litres of milk in just 10 days. More than 11 million litres a year are needed to feed 225,000 children who, each year, go to the Food Banks for a need as basic as food.

The Murcia Food Bank collected the milk at our facilities in Pozo Estrecho (Murcia).

Literacy Project in Haiti

The Religious of Jesus and Mary Sisters” (dedicated to the education of children and young people), is present in Spain and other countries.


In Haiti they are developing the “Step By Step” Project which began in the 2018-19 school year and with which we collaborate.


They have created a space for the educational support of boys and girls school-age children from very disadvantaged environments, with limited resources and complicated family situations: for women dedicated to small businesses, who cannot read or write, and who wish to do so; students youths from professional or university schools who need a scholarship to continue their studies.

The aim is to increase capacities and freedoms with an ethical training, which gives “value to the other”.