Our companies and brands

Our corporate holding group, Porcisan, encompasses all of our companies and activities.


The parent company of the group. Its activity is focused on the breeding and fattening of white coat and Iberian pigs and their national and international marketing, the manufacture of feed for self-consumption, the coordination of logistics and transport of live animals and feed, as well as the management of agricultural farms.

Vitalus distribución alimentaria S.L.

Company of the group in charge of the careful preparation of Iberian products to be sent to the end consumer in Asia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.


80% of our production is 50% Iberian breed pig and the rest is 100% Iberian acorn pig.


Our head offices and facilities are in Guijuelo, the cradle of the Iberian pig. We have two natural dryers, where we produce our cured products from our own acorn-fed and fattened Iberian pigs, using time-honoured traditional processes, minimal human intervention and only selected natural ingredients.


All our brands of Iberian products are registered in Spain, the European Union, and at international registrations in Russia and Asia.

Ganados Elías S.L.

Livestock company in charge of the management of breeding sows at the end of the production cycle.

Sumgasur S.L.

Investee company responsible for the distribution of pharmacological and biological products, high-quality livestock equipment and nutrition services. We work with the pharmaceutical laboratories Hipra, Setna, Cenavisa, IDT, Biologika and Invesa, Ceva, Boehringer Ingelheim, the nutrition company Setna and the livestock equipment company Rotecna, all very relevant in their sector.


Our experience in building our own farms and managing them means we can advise our clients.

Pura Raza Hams

The tenacity and skill that we put into obtaining an excellent quality ham is reflected in Pura Raza.


A different experience not to be missed.


Trademark registered at the national level, European Union, USA, Russia, China, and other international registries.

Señorío de Aldeavieja

Señorío de Aldeavieja maintains our philosophy intact in the search for excellence to achieve 50% Iberian feed hams of the highest quality and limited production.


The personality of a brand that creates unique hams, with soul. Trademark registered at the national level, European Union, USA, Russia, China, and other international registries.

Aldeavieja ibéricos

From the best Iberian fattening pigs, the best hams. Optimal pinch of salt, balanced marbling of intramuscular fat, soft aroma, and an incomparable bouquet on the palate.


Trademark registered at the national level and the European Union. In the process of obtaining international registration.

La Abadía de aldeavieja

Our Premium brand of Iberian products with which we market the meats and cured products of our 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs, pata negra, and we market them in Spain, the European Union, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.


Trademark registered nationally in Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, and the European Union.

La Abadía ibéricos

La Abadía Ibericos is our division of gourmet restaurants and shops where we reach the consumer with our Iberian products and a wide selection of delicatessen products.