At Porcisan we are strongly committed to the environment and, thus to an efficient use of available natural resources. This has led us to formulate an Environmental Protection Policy so that we can provide services with the level of quality appropriate for the needs of our clients and preserve the environment in which we carry out our activity.

Our commitment to a sustainable management of our farms and their by-products with the incorporation of slurry treatment plants to minimize CO2 emissions and obtain added value when they are converted into organic fertilizers used in the fertigation of our agricultural plantations. This is how we complete the circular economy cycle.
In our farms we make efficient use of available resources by integrating agriculture and livestock, with links to each other in order to promote the conservation of our environment and safeguard public and environmental health.
The reduction of the water footprint is one of the commitments of the livestock sector and is essential to our way of understanding livestock. That is why we continually use technology and research to strive for an ever greater water saving year on year.
We have native crops from each area in which we are present: fruit trees of various varieties, especially citrus, rainfed almond trees, olive trees with their consequent production of EVOO oil in an oil mill with advanced technology.
All our activities and our work teams are oriented to work efficiently, with the minimum energy cost and with the minimum impact on the environment.