White coat pig

The production of white coat pigs accounts for 90% of our activity, which we carry out with high quality standards thanks to our integrated and vertical production system.

Our verticalization means we can control key aspects such as traceability and biosecurity at all stages, from selection in the countries of origin of the best genetic lines for our nucleus of selection and multiplier, our insemination centres, our own and integrated breeding, weaning and fattening farms up to their marketing.


From the birth of our pigs to their arrival at the slaughterhouse, we look after their well-being and ensure that they receive the care and respect they deserve.


We have transferred this policy of animal welfare to our entire team, raising awareness and training our workers. As a result of this commitment, we have certified all our farms, both our own farms and integrated farms, under the quality standard of the Interporc standard Welfare Animal Spain.


Porcisan is member of the PRAN, National Plan for the reduction of the use of Colistin and works to reduce the use of any other antibiotics.

We collaborate with the UMU, recognized organizations and clients, to continue advancing and improving our production and innovation, without forgetting society’s demand for obtaining safe and sustainable food.”


1  Multiplying genetic nucleus
2  Self-replenishing production farms
8  Production farms
5  Farms for post-weaning
112  Feed farms
Our breeding sows are TOPIGS TN70 and we were the first in Spain to have them. Our hoggs are Pietrain and Duroc, resulting in two clearly differentiated genetic white coat lines.


Characterized by the yield of the carcass, its high percentage of lean versus fat and the structure of its prime cuts.


This breed is characterized by the production of meats with a high degree of fat infiltration lending it a flavour and juiciness far superior to other genetic lines.
We are currently immersed in a strategic plan which will be reached in 2023.
Pigs per year