10% of our livestock production corresponds to Iberian pig: 80% is Iberian pig, 50% Iberian breed and the remainder 100% Iberian acorn pig.

Our greatest guarantee is our own herd of 100% pure Iberian sows, carefully selected and registered in the AECERIBER Genealogical Book that guarantees the conservation and genetic improvement of the species.


Our experience as farmers means we can provide our Iberian fattening pigs with a very balanced diet of high quality feed based on cereals and natural legumes that we make ourselves in our feed factory. They are raised on low-density farms with multiple animal welfare systems.

Únicamente de esta manera se consiguen animales con la calidad y peso idóneo para la producción de nuestros jamones, 

productos de calidad diferenciada.

Granja de cría de selección y producción hasta 20kg.
Cerdos al año

The secret of the quality of our 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham


LA ABADÍA is the acorn that our 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs eat in the pasture, the most extensive natural ecosystem in Spain.

Our 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs live in complete freedom in our pasture farms in the mountain area of Ronda, where each pig enjoys about two hectares for themself during the acorn season, which begins at the end of October until March. They get to travel about 14 km daily to find the acorn, which is responsible for the exceptional organoleptic qualities of its products, as well as a high percentage of oleic acid that is also present in olive oil.   Feeling of complete freedom, open air, exercise, natural diet based on acorns, herbs, wild fruits, and plants.